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Principles of Interactive Art, MART 340.50

University of Montana,
School of Visual and Media Arts

Principles of Interactive Art (MART340), offered by the School of Visual and Media Arts (SVMA), in the College of the Arts and Media (CAM) at the University of Montana explores the theory and technique of interactive art and media.

What is interactivity? What does it mean to create meaningful interactive experiences? In this hands-on course, students learn how to create interactive works and environments. We talk about what it means to create an interactive experience for general participants. A variety of input and output mechanisms, networking, and best practices will be covered in lecture. Class discussions will cover readings about interactive art/music, design, space, and installation. Students are free to explore their own ideas through the lens of this course.

This course will include a mix of reading, discussion, interactive development, and projects. This course will also take a significant amount of time to further develop students current creative coding skills by introducing them Derivative’s TouchDesigner.

This site serves as both a supplement to in-person sections of this course as well as a fully asynchronous, online course.

The syllabus contains more information about the course, as well as student expectations.

This course was originally built by Michael Musick, PhD.

For the Spring 2022 semester, it is being delivered by Charlie Apple.

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